Build as you go.

Engagement has to be a self-paced journey. You need to be comfortable prioritising some activities over others, consuming the elephant in little bitesize mouthfuls rather than swallowing it whole.


The good news is that building out your engagement platform in a way that suits couldn’t be easier.

Our Engage Connect module is your API window to a world of effortless integration, allowing you to effortlessly hub together a wide range of systems and present them all via the single sign-on app interface.

So whenever you want to bring in Office365, Sharepoint, Workday, Zoho, ADP, SurveyMonkey, Dropbox, Google Drive, Perkbox and the like, we’re ready and waiting.

Seamless integrations with:

  • HR and payroll
  • Workforce management
  • Intranets
  • Surveys and polling
  • Rewards portals
  • Cloud data stores